Jurassic Inspiration

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I have to agree, particularly when it comes from children and your art! I received an email back in December from a teacher in England. Clare Watts teaches a year 3 class, which consists of 7-8 year olds, at St. Wilfrid’s School in Burgess Hill, England. She had come across my painting entitled “Jurassic” while doing some research for a class study on the Stone Age. While the Jurassic area came prior to the Stone Age, she still found the painting inspiring enough to use it as an educational tool for her class.

For reference, here is my painting:

Jurassic by Marjorie Henderson
“Jurassic” 8″x10″ Print-$25

I was so touched that she wanted to share what the class created! She sent pictures of what the kids created using my painting as a starting point. Here is what they created:


Is that not the most awesome thing ever?! Knowing that the piece which I created had an influence in a child’s education is so humbling and heartwarming. This is even more motivation to keep creating beautiful images that will hopefully keep inspiring people.

Thank you Clare Watts and your awesome class! They did an amazing job, and thank you for keeping art in the classroom!


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