I’m a Creative


Flower Trails
“Flower Trails”-20″x20″ acrylic painting on canvas by Marjorie Henderson. $300

I feel like the traditional title of Artist COULD be all encompassing, but it isn’t. When I tell others that I am an artist, I am asked what medium I work in. I work in many mediums, I cannot choose just one! So when I state, “Well, I mainly work with acrylics on canvas, but I also am a print maker, drawer, hand letterer, jewelry maker, and sometimes photographer,” I am occasionally told that I need to choose one. Being an artist does not mean limiting my talents or creative flow. The title of Creative seems to be more encompassing, and can include “designs” that others may find to be more under the umbrella of “art.” Do any of my fellow artists/designers and other multi-hyphenates struggle with this?

Enjoying all of your favorite mediums and crafts contributes to the entire creation process, no matter what it is. Photography can inspire various ways of seeing compositions and lighting. Jewelry making can spark fresh color combinations in ways that are less permanent than experimenting in other mediums like painting and drawings. Painting can also inspire more abstract thinking in the construction of jewelry, as well as crossover ideas for drawings, printmaking and pattern design. The list goes on. This is not to say that those who work in a singular medium experience stagnancy in their creative flow and output, nor does it say that having a hand in many aspects of art creates a lack of progress and mastery in a particular field. I am only attempting to explain what I experience as a multi-passionate creative.

To all of my fellow creatives out there-keep doing what you love!




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3 thoughts on “I’m a Creative

  1. I used to do a wide range of things, from designing CD and book covers, to designing gardens, to wood carving and painting and drawing. As I’ve got older the joy of the act of painting has kind of eclipsed all the rest so now I almost invariably paint. I think there is a time for being broad with art and doing lots of things and a time to settle into something and go deeper. I feel that forcing an artist to be focussed when their passion is broad is like trying to make a stream flow uphill. Be free, follow your heart.


    1. Exactly! I’m a freelance graphic designer and I love how my paintings influence my designs and color schemes. Painting is my go to as well and I go through phases where that is all I do, then I switch it up and focus on jewelry for a while. It’s refreshing and I tend to have less creative blocks!

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