Oh hi, it’s you, November.

Gnome gift wrap by Marjorie Henderson.

Gah. It’s already November. I’m sure you’ve heard that several times already today, but seriously, I feel like I was just setting my goals for the year.

Speaking of goals, one of my goals was to create a catalog to present to local businesses to show off my art on stationery, scarves, and prints in the hopes that they’d be able to fit my style into their aesthetic. I finally had a catalog printed up a few months ago, and have successfully created collections for gift wrap, cards, and scarves. Much of these items are in the final stages of being prepped (packaging, labels, etc.) and they will be available on this site!

As an entrepreneur, my personal branding, product assortment, and way of selling as changed over time. I have taken the time to update my website and will soon be able to offer my art directly through this site, not just through a link that takes you to my Etsy shop. I still plan on keeping my Etsy shop, especially since I have an established customer base there, but I have found that it can be confusing to customers who expect to only visit one website and have it be a one stop shop for all things related to you and your business. Etsy is an amazing platform for artists, creatives, and the like, and I still highly encourage fellow artists who are just starting out to get their creations out there and on that platform because it is so user friendly.

Above, I have shared an image of the gnome gift wrap I have designed for the Christmas season. There will be boxed cards as well that are similar. Are there any themes or specific types of holiday stationery and wrap that you look for but have a hard time finding? Let me know in the comments below! I love getting feedback.


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