Starting Over

This year has been one for starting over, and it’s been in the best possible way. Having left a decade long relationship at the start of the year, I had to take some time to heal, reevaluate and find new inspirations. It’s been a refreshing break to say the least, I haven’t felt so loved and so inspired in my entire life.

My art has taken a more bold turn. I’m inspired by more abstract and simple designs that are impactful and moving. My signature whimsicality is still there, it’s just a bit more thoughtful and pared down in some of my painted pieces. Traveling has infused my process by slowing it down a bit, however with the holidays coming up, this will probably temporarily change!

I’ll be at the Enchant Christmas Light Maze and Christmas Market at T-Mobile Park in Seattle December 3rd-8th. I’ll be selling fresh art prints, stickers, scarves, coloring books and some new paintings (smaller ones, great for presents) from my sweet little booth. Be sure to stop by if you will be in the area!

Also, my Girl With the Crown site has been updated, and I’ve added some new stickers, and the new Drops Collection, featuring my Drops pattern in various colorways! I’ll be adding new products steadily over the next few weeks, including dresses and, yes, beanbag chairs!

I’m so, so incredibly excited for what is to come. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. It’s greatly appreciated and means more than you know!


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marjorie blume

Artist, designer, all around creative

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